Tạp chí Đại học Thủ Dầu Một, S. 9 (2013)

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Re-examining push-pull factors in international student flows between Vietnam and Taiwan

Trần Thị Hà Thái

Tóm tắt

International student flows have been well-recognized in the higher education literature. Though traditional movement of student mobility is from developing to Western countries, new pattern of intra-regional movement is also noted. This study, therefore, aim to re-examine push-pull factors in affecting international student’s decision-making within Asian countries. Based on interviews with 17 Vietnamese postgraduates studying in Taiwan, this study has found the following main findings. First, there is a significant role of other host countries beyond Vietnam in pushing Vietnamese students to Taiwan that has not been seen clearly in the existing push-pull factor studies. Second, the push factors of home country may not be necessarily negative or those pull factors of host country may not be positive once they have enough strength in affecting students in choosing a study destination. Third, all the push and pull factors become valid once certain type of closer (e.g. economic) relationship between home and host countries is already in place. Finally, the study presents the challenge of Taiwan, being long recognized as the home country of international students, to play as host. These findings above support knowledge of the implication in student mobility within non-Western countries.

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